Let Prepare your Child to Excel Over the Chessboard and in Life!

About Coach

Tatiana D. Brea

After 17+ years of teaching chess and creating chess courses for children, I’ve learned what works (and what doesn’t) when it comes to preparing children for chess tournaments and getting better at chess.
My experience working with very young children has earned me the respect of many individuals and groups.

I work with school chess players of all ages, preparing them for chess tournaments while also developing a distinct intellectual culture for life.

My Background:

For over 12 years, I have taught the noble game of chess at Princeton Day School. I have also taught in classroom setting in New Jersey and New York City, ranging from Pre-K to 6th grade. I have developed a well-organized, task-oriented style that is sensitive to the needs of children. I am an open-minded, warm-hearted, thoughtful, and empathic person.  


–  B.A. Sociology (Minor in Early Childhood Education), CUNY-Lehman – College 2012.M.S.B Finance, CUNY-Lehman College, 2013.

Chess Tittles:

– 2010- Fide Instructor

–  1997 – Woman International Fide Chess Master title recognized by FIDE (International Chess Federation)

– 2001 and 2005 – Female Brazilian Champion

 – 2002 – Official Brazilian representative at the Chess Olympics in Slovenia

– 5 Times Pan-American Chess Champion from 1990-1997

–  9 Times Female Brazilian Chess Champion under 20 years old

– Official Brazilian representative at the World Youth Chess Championships held in Romania, USA, Germany, Hungary, Poland and Puerto Rico since 1989

Coach Tatiana offers our chesskiddo students with the best chess education possible, with increased responsibility, individualized instruction and attention, increased motivation, and more opportunities for success!


–  When students play against their peers in group lessons, they can see how far they have come.

– Many students are inspired to play chess during group lessons.

– The presence of children of similar ages can certainly influence other students to continue improving and competing on the chess board.

– Students as young as five years old can begin group and private chess lessons.

– Students can sign up for lessons at any time of the year or month, so there is no need to wait.



– Coach Tatiana can identify the weak areas in your chess game and instantly provide guidance, and recommendations for improvement at the spot.
Our Chesskiddo students get immediate attention, motivation and encouragement from the chess coach in order to progress at much faster speed.


–Tatiana Brea´s private lessons provide personalized instruction to students of all ages and levels in a fun, encouraging and nurturing fashion.

–Private lessons are customized in such a way that learning environment will be conducive and entertaining for the student.

–Students can bring their recorded chess games, and our exceptional team of analysts will provide an excellent and critical game analysis to student game by game, move by move — it allows the student to gain the best understanding of his/her strengths and weakness in the game of chess.

–Although, private lessons are strongly recommended over group lessons, we truly believe that the combination of group lessons and private lessons are the ideal setting for any student to get faster result and improve his/her chess skills.


Tatiana D. Brea


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